November 17, 2010

Lots of new ceramic bowls and mugs by James Guggina

What a splash of color in this new group of James Guggina pottery that just came in! And everytime I see his pottery, I'm amazed at his technique of carving designs into the black border and his use of many different patterns. Right now, I'm finishing up a pottery class at Exeter Fine Crafts in NH and I've tried just a little bit of this sgraffito carving technique and it was impossible for me to have that kind of a steady hand and precision. Six colors, hundreds of black and white patterns!

November 5, 2010

Limited supply on quotation bracelets

One of our most popular jewelry collections has been the quotation bangles by Nomi of New Mexico. Unfortunately, Nomi is retiring from making jewelry this fall. If you have been thinking of purchasing one for yourself or as a gift, stop by soon. We have received our final order and we have put all the ones we have up on our website.