March 5, 2009

Master jeweler Jim Conley to work with Valerie's Gallery

Special announcement -- I'm pleased to announce that Jim Conley, goldsmith and silversmith,will be working with us to offer his jewelry for sale, and to providerepairs and custom work. I've long admired Jim's quality workmanship and think this will be a wonderful addition to our shop. He brings expertise, experience, solid craftsmanship and due to his previous store, a following of customers. Many of you may remember when Jim owned Conley's Goldsmith in Market Square. After selling the business, he took some needed time off and has decided to work once again in a venue in Newburyport. Here is the link to the story about this in today's Newburyport Daily News. Jim will be at Valerie's Gallery on Saturday mornings for personal consultations and repairs beginningMarch 21.