October 24, 2011

Thank You for a very successful Mug Trade-In Event

Thanks to our many generous customers, our recent MUG TRADE-IN EVENT was a wonderful success! Customers celebrated the creativity of great American artists during American Craft Week by bringing in commercially made mass-produced mugs and canned goods to then receive in-store discounts off of brand new, handmade-in-America mugs.

The mass-produced mugs were donated to Wonderland charitable thrift store and the canned goods were donated to The Pettengill House Food Pantry. Both organizations were very appreciative of the donations. 

As always, everything in Valerie's Gallery is handmade in the United States. We celebrate our many talented artists who work hard to create decorative and functional objects to enhance our homes, lives, and country. The purpose of American Craft Week is to publicize and display the creations of these hardworking artists.